We Customize Caps For Everyone!

CustomCaps.ae is your one-stop shop to cater to all your promotional cap needs. Whether it’s trucker, snapback, golf, baseball or any other sports cap, we provide you with the best quality at a cheap price.

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It All Started 10 Years Back…

Premium and customized caps were missing from the market. With the vision to manufacture the highest quality caps, we also let you decide how your cap will look. Not only do you get the premium quality even at customization, but we take a step forward and blend it with the affordable pricing ever. That’s how we conquer the cap’s world.

We take pride in giving you the quality at the best price. Even with all those features, we never forget about aesthetics. Just so you can wear your hats like a crown, we go miles to boost the overall visual appeal. In a nutshell, we’re a dream destination for cap lovers, regardless of your age or gender. We customize caps for all!

Delivered 20K+ Headwear To ‘Cap-Heads’!

Ever since we started, we’ve customized every inch of the cap for our clients. Each headwear is unique and stylish with a modern touch that makes it a statement piece for the people of UAE!

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The Real Brain Behind Custom Caps AE!

Although there’s a team of 300+ manufacturers and designers, Hamad Saad is the one who seeded the idea of customized headwear – and the rest in history. He’s a true artist, his eye for colors and dedication towards quality have helped this company grow exponentially in the past few years. He understands that individuals and small businesses need the caps for different purposes and he manages to deliver them the exact design that they imagined. However, the revolution started with his perspective of making caps more than just a sunlight protector. He made it a fashion statement!

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“We don’t just produce headwear, we channel your creativity and style through our customized caps!”

Founder, Custom Caps AE

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